Droplr Referrals - Get free space!

We’re excited to announce Droplr’s new referral program. We’d like to reward you for telling your friends, family, and co-workers about Droplr!

For every new person you invite to use Droplr, once they’ve registered a free account, we’ll reward both of you with an extra 200mb in storage. We currently let you invite up to 20 people, which means up to 4GB of extra space.

To access this, when you’re signed into Droplr, head to droplr.com/invite. From there, you can invite people by email or posting to Facebook & Twitter. There’s also a personalized referral link you can use to post anywhere, including your own website or blog. Anyone that signs up via that link will earn you the bonus.

Some other updates that went out today include:

  • Ability to delete an account. See this in the settings of the web app. (Note, this cannot be undone).
  • Completely new registration and sign in flows. They’re also now responsive to provide a better experience of registering from a mobile device.
  • Revamped and improved the display of markdown note drops.
  • Now show uploaded text files as note drops.
  • Lots of internal changes to improve the speed and stability of the application.


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