Sharing screenshots with Droplr

Screenshots are super for sharing your work, ideas, and inspiration. They’re a great way to collaborate with teammates, to swap design iterations and mockups.

But screenshots can be cumbersome. On a Mac, here’s how it works:

  1. Command-Shift-4 to select a screenshot.
  2. The screenshot is saved to your desktop.
  3. Drag the screenshot into a chat or email window.

Do that 50 times a day and your desktop will be an absolute disaster. And you’ll have wasted a ton of time dragging, dropping, and organizing it all.

With Droplr, you can share screenshots quickly and easy while keeping your desktop squeaky clean. Here’s how it works:

Hit Option-Shift-4 (or right click on the Droplr icon in your menu bar and select Capture Screenshot) and select your screenshot.

Droplr automatically uploads your screenshot to your account and copies a link to your clipboard. Paste the link in a chat window, email, forum, Facebook or wherever to share.

You can also mark up your screenshot before you share it. Hit Option-Control-Shift-4 (or right click on the Droplr icon and select Capture & Draw Screenshot). Your screenshot will pop up in a Droplr window with drawing and text tools. Mark up your screenshot and hit the Upload button. Your marked-up screenshot will be automatically uploaded to your Droplr account and a link to it will be copied to your clipboard. Share away.

Best of all, you’ll be able to sort and search all your screenshots online in your Droplr dashboard:

With Droplr, screenshots can become an efficient part of your daily workflow.

Start using Droplr for free today:

So how do you use Droplr, anyway?

What is Droplr?

And how do you use it?

At Droplr we hear those questions a lot. Simply put, Droplr helps you share the stuff you’re working on quickly and easily. It makes creative collaboration a cinch. Seriously.

With Droplr, you can swap screenshots with a few keystrokes. You can share files in seconds. You can capture, upload, and share videos of your screen in minutes. And everything you share is stored in the cloud, forever.

But that’s all pretty abstract. You want concrete examples, scenarios that show how Droplr can help you work faster, smarter, and better. And during the next few weeks, we’ll be doing just that. Stay tuned to this blog for posts about using Droplr. They’ll be quick, clear, and, hopefully, awesome.

New Dashboard, Team Plans

The Droplr dashboard is fresh, clean, and shiny.

We’re proud to present an all-new Droplr web dashboard. It’s been redesigned from the ground up to make searching, sorting, and sharing your drops easier than ever. Now you can sort your drops by date, kind, size, name, and number of views. You can also search by file type.

Log in now to see your new dashboard

We also made building teams super simple. Just login to your account, hit Settings and then Teams. To add someone to your team, simply enter their email address or send them a custom link. Your account will be automatically upgraded as team members join. Here’s our new team pricing:

Visit your settings to add members to your team

We’re working furiously to add even more features in the coming months. Stay tuned!

Side effects might include nausea, itching, and a cluttered desktop

How sharing screenshots with Droplr is the cat’s pajamas.

Does your desktop often look like this at the end of a busy, productive day?

If so, you might have a screenshot problem.

Screenshots are such a critical part of collaboration. But an efficient workflow surrounding them is often overlooked. Most products that even attempt to solve this problem usually just offer something around “auto uploading” every screenshot you take. But we believe that’s not the optimal approach.

  1. Not every screenshot you take throughout the day is meant to be shared. Sometimes, especially as a designer or a developer, you might take a screenshot as part of your own personal workflow, and uploading it to the cloud us unnecessary. It also might be of sensitive information that you don’t want uploaded to the cloud.

  2. For all the screenshots that you do want to share, you still end up with a cluttered mess of files sitting around on your desktop or Dropbox folder that you have to clean up later.

Early on, we decided to take a different approach with Droplr and sharing screenshots. We give you capture controls, both via our menubar app and system hotkeys, that allow you to take a screenshot and give you a link to it, all without having the file saved on your desktop.

This method of taking screenshots comes directly from our “share it and forget it” philosophy of working.

On the Mac app, we even made the screenshot hotkey just one key away from OS X’s standard screenshot hotkey. On OS X, to take a standard screenshot, you press “cmd+shift+4”. With Droplr installed, using “opt+shift+4” will give you the same system screenshot controls, but instead of saving the file to your desktop, it will upload it to our service and copy the link to your clipboard. It really is just a better way to work.

We keep iterating on this workflow to make visual collaboration with Droplr as seamless as possible. On the Mac app, we recently added both the ability to a) annotate screenshot images with shapes, arrows and text and b) capture screen video instead of just a static image. Look for these features coming to our Windows application in the near future.

If you haven’t tried these latest features, download the newest version of our Mac app and give them a shot. Also, if you’re not a Droplr user yet, you can try it out for FREE for 30 days!

Uhhh… You mean like Dropbox?

Droplr vs. Dropbox: which should you use?

One of the questions we hear over and over when we describe Droplr is “you mean like Dropbox?” It makes sense. We both do “file sharing” and we both have “drop” in our name. But when you take a closer look you’ll find two very different companies solving two very different problems.

Dropbox has created a great solution for storing your files in the cloud and syncing them across devices. This was really needed a few years ago. People were still trying to use shared network drives, FTP solutions, etc… to store their files, and it was a mess.

But today, safely storing your files in the cloud isn’t exactly a pressing problem anymore. Online storage has become a commodity. Some of the largest companies in the world are offering online file storage as a free add-on to their platforms. Like what happened to physical hard drives, it’s now a race to the bottom of the price floor, and in many cases it’s already reached the business graveyard of “free”. As technology moves forward, high speed networks become more ubiquitous, and hardware continually gets cheaper, eventually we’re just left with more supply of ‘online storage’ than demand.

Additionally, Dropbox’s deficiencies have exposed the real problems in larger organizations. As a collaboration tool, Dropbox works really well with a small team of people. But it doesn’t scale elegantly. Imagine hundreds of people sharing one single file cabinet in the middle of your office. Remember Outlook shared folders? Simply putting those in the cloud doesn’t fix the broken model.

"The cloud" aka, "the internet" is here to stay. There will always be a need to store stuff online, sync it between your various devices, and backup important things. But we believe there’s smarter ways to use the cloud to help people solve the problems they’re really having and collaborate freely.

Source: XKCD: File Transfer

This comic is always a funny reminder for us of why we created Droplr. It’s 2014, and yet it’s still really hard to just get stuff from point A to point B. And why? If you need to send maybe one or two files a day, sure, solutions like Dropbox can work. But when you need to share 50 things a day and collaborate with a remote team, the shortcomings of those solutions really become obvious.

This is the problem we designed Droplr to solve. It used to be easy to share things in an entirely physical office environment. You grab a file, walk over to someone’s desk, and hand it to them. But with today’s companies and the proliferation of remote distributed teams, simply “getting something to someone” has become a huge pain. And heavy file storage and syncing tools just aren’t cutting it.

We created Droplr with one goal: to make sharing anything fast, easy, simple, and beautiful. What if at any moment, anything you’re working on, could be shared with just one keystroke or one click? What if anything you’re working on could quickly have a link that you could send to anyone? What if sending a screenshot, 40MB PDF, or a large media file felt as natural as sending a text message? And what if none of those files cluttered your desktop or required you to manage and clean them up in some folder later?

The idea is pretty simple: you can drag anything to Droplr, it gives you a link, and you send the link. Anyone who receives the link can view that file right in their browser or easily download it — all without signing up for anything. Combine that with native screenshot tools and plug-ins for your favorite apps you use every day, and you have the absolute most elegant and simple way to share. We’ve made getting something from point A to point B a problem of the past. And because like email, everyone on your team has their own account, it scales gracefully for even the largest of teams.

The best way we’ve learned to describe this difference is this: Droplr is to Dropbox as IM/Chat is to Email.

Could you collaborate real time with multiple people on a project over email? Sure. Would it be efficient? Absolutely not. This is why there’s such a clear need for chat tools, especially within a large organization where people might be on a different floor, or in a different country.

To the same degree, can you send files over Dropbox? Sure. You could invite people to a shared folder, ask them to sign up for an account and have everything constantly syncing. Or, you could use Dropbox’s link features to share things. But now you’ve got a bunch of files sitting in your Dropbox, taking up space, creating a mess, and syncing between all your devices, which is really the last thing you wanted. Nobody knows where to find things, people are constantly deleting stuff that they don’t own, and it’s extremely slow.

And when you’re working with things like screenshots or other transient files that are common when collaborating, the last thing you want is to have to go manage them and clean them up later on. Like towing a travel trailer with a Kia, it’s just a classic case of using the wrong tool for the job.

If you need a folder of files synced between all your devices, or if you need to backup important files to “the cloud”, Google Drive, iCloud, and Dropbox all offer great cheap solutions for that. But, if like us, what you really need is to transfer a large quantity of files back and forth throughout your day, Droplr was built for you. We’d love it if you’d give it a shot and tell us what you think. You should sign up for a free trial here. And for a limited time, if you’re new to Droplr, drop us a line here, tell us how you’ll use Droplr, and we’ll give you 30% off any of our plans!

Droplr for Mac 4.1 - Major feature update

In January we released Droplr for Mac 4.0, the newest evolution of our flagship client. Droplr 4.0 added a shiny, new interface on top of the functionality that makes sharing with Droplr so simple. Now that we’ve got 4.0 out the door, we felt it was time to add some features that lots of you have been wanting for a while.

Screen Recording


People love using Droplr to share screenshots, but sometimes a simple image just can’t communicate everything you need it to. Enter screen recording, Droplr-style.

When you open the sharing menu, you’ll see a new option: “Capture Screen Recording”, which allows you to record a section of your screen and instantly share it. If you depend on Droplr simple, quick, painless visual communication, we built this for you.

We made Draw better


We released screenshot annotations called Droplr Draw last August and, admittedly, it was pretty simple. Apparently a lot of you liked it but sometimes you’d hit a wall where Draw was missing a few key features. We heard you and we’re making Draw better.

With 4.1 you’ll see two new controls when you open Draw: Colors and Blur.

  • Colors allows you to change the color of the elements you create with Draw.
  • Blur allows you to blur out any sensitive information in your screenshot. This is pretty essential when you need to share something with sensitive information.

And we’re not done improving Draw. These new features are just a start.

Improved Drop control


Previously when you needed to update your Drop title or security, you’d have to login to the website and manage the Drop settings there. Not anymore.

In Droplr 4.1, you’ll notice a new title icon when you hover over your Drops. Click on this to manage each Drop’s settings directly from the Mac app.

Retina screenshots


Droplr 4.1 correctly recognizes when you’re trying to upload a retina screenshot or a regular screenshot. No more resampling: everything you share looks beautiful at all resolutions.

Retina users, just try it. Your screenshots look gorgeous.

To get started with easy, secure sharing with Droplr for Mac 4.1, head over to and enjoy!

Next up, Droplr for iOS 7! Stay tuned… :)

Drop It: Droplr on Windows Phone

For those of you on Windows Phone, our Windows developer extraordinaire, Pedro Gandola has some good news: It’s a Droplr client for Windows Phone called drop it.

In addition to a lovely Windows Phone interface, drop it comes with all the features you’d expect in a mobile Droplr client and a bit more.

If you have a Windows Phone, do yourself a favor and grab drop it now. At $1.49 it’s a bargain.


Note: Drop It is not an official Droplr client. Please direct all Drop It support requests to Pedro Gandola.

The best way to send big files in Outlook.

Ariel and Eric. William and Catherine. We’ve found the next dreamy couple: Email and Droplr.

The email attachment was invented in 1992 and yet still remains the defacto way that people are sharing sensative files around the workplace. Droplr’s file sharing model revolutionized the way people can share files, and now we’re making it even easier. Why is using Droplr instead of email attachments so great? Consider this:

  1. Send big files with ease. We all know what a pain it can be to send large files over email. Caught yourself splitting up PDFs into multiple pages lately? No more. Droplr let’s you send files up to 2GB in size with just one click.

  2. Reducing storage costs and network problems. Because email attachments are stored on every inbox they’re sent to, as well as outboxes, large attachments create a myriad of problems and costs for IT departments everywhere. Droplr solves this by allowing people to send a simple link to the file instead of the file itself which eliminates redundant storage.

  3. Enhanced control. Sending email attachments has always felt like pushing a big red scary button. Did I sent the right file? Did I just send sensative information to the wrong person? Droplr allows people to have complete control over their shared files, including the ability to delete files or change passwords, even after you’ve sent it.

  4. Better transparency. Ever sent a file to someone and wondered if they ever got it? Did the message land in their junk box? Did the attachment get blocked? With Droplr, you can know exactly when someone’s viewed your file and how many times it’s been downloaded.

With all the benefits of using Droplr instead of email attachments, we’re excited today to be announcing our plugin for Microsoft Outlook. The Outlook plugin will automatically convert any files you attach in a new message to Droplr links before it sends the message out. It’ll make you, and just about everyone you send emails to, so happy that you might just take the rest of the day off. Go ahead.

Before you do, download the latest version of Droplr for Windows which includes the Outlook plugin.

"Droplr for Outlook is just about the best thing ever." - Outlook user

We’ll be announcing more cool ways to use Droplr with other email providers soon so you should follow us on Twitter or here on our blog.

30% off Droplr — Only 1 day left.

Last week we announced that Droplr was moving to a paid-only model and that any current customers would qualify for a 30% lifetime discount if they upgraded in the next 7 days. There’s only 1 day left to quality for this discount.

To receive your discount, you must activate your subscription by entering your billing information in and saving. We’ll immediately begin your subscription and lock your discount in for life.

You can do that here.

Also, be sure to check out the details of our new referral program that lets you get a Droplr subscription for 100% FREE!

A couple of FAQ:

  1. If I buy Lite/Pro now, will I be able to switch between them later and retain my discount? Yes! If you buy a plan now, we’ll lock your discount in for life and you’ll have the ability to move between Lite and Pro as well as move between monthly and yearly billing and stil retain your discount. As a reminder, if you purchase a yearly subscription, we give you an additional two months free.

  2. How do I cancel/delete my account? If you currently have a paid subscription and simply want to cancel it, you can do that here. This will simply disable your account so that you can come back later. If you would like to delete your account and all data associated with it, you can do that here.

  3. Is there a way to export all my data? Currently no we do not offer a way to bulk download all your drops. Droplr has always been focused on being a sharing solution, not a storage or syncing solution and we do not recommend using Droplr as a place to store the only copy of your files.

Any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you with any feedback. Also, be sure to follow our blog for some exciting new announcements in the coming weeks.

Thanks again,

The Droplr Team

Custom branding — add your own logo to Droplr

As part of the releases this week, we’ve made the ability for Droplr Pro and Droplr for Business customers to use their own custom logo on all their drop pages.

We’ve recognized that especially in a business context, it’s important for your brand to be the hero of everything you share with clients, co-workers, and customers — not ours.

Custom branding has been a part of our Business offering since we built it, but we’ve also received the request from many of our individual users who’d like to promote themselves, their company, or their product when they share files. So today, custom branding is now available with Droplr Pro as well.

This further ads to Droplr’s customization features like using a custom domain name and changing your theme, allowing everyone to have their own personalized file sharing experience.

For Droplr Pro customers, if you’d like to add your own logo, you can now do that on your settings page here.

If you’re a Droplr Lite user and would like this feature, you can upgrade your plan on your billing page.

Pro-tip, if you’d like a more minimal share page, try using a 1px transparent PNG for no branding at all.